Our projects

Nourishing lives,
transforming hunger to hope

Millions of people worldwide live with chronic hunger. Help us give them hope of a better life.

School meals

Providing regular school meals is key to children receiving a good education.

Quran programme

You can help feed Quran students so they stay healthy and focused on their learning.

Hifz Sponsorship

Support Hifz students and help them unlock higher education and turn life around for themselves - once and for all.

What we do

Thanks to our generous supporters, we deliver impactful projects that produce lifelong benefits.

We are a hunger charity in the UK, working in forgotten and neglected communities around the world to change lives forever.

Our goal is to provide regular, nutritious meals so people no longer struggle every day to feed themselves or their families.

Instead, they are able to fulfil their potential, rise out of poverty and achieve their dreams.

Over 25,000

children and adults supported last year.

Over 10 million

meals provided last year

Over 40 million

meals provided since we were established in 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is a case-by-case basis and differs from country to country, although we try and restrict this to 15%. We don’t take admin fees on Zakat donations.

    To understand why we take admin on Sadaqah, read more here

  • No admin is taken from Zakat. 100% of the donation received will be used on meals.

  • Absolutely. Fidya amounts to £5 per missed fast, and £300 per missed fast for Kaffarah. Read more about Fidya and Kaffarah in our handy blogpost
  • Don’t worry, we’ll get this sorted in no time. Send the details of your donation to us, what page you donated to and the donation amount to: donations@charityright.org.uk or on WhatsApp: 07305 35 2451
  • Thank you for your support, continuous donations are hugely appreciated! Please forward your donation receipt email to supportercare@charityright.org.uk and we’ll sort this out for you.

Our supporters’ current appeals

You can do anything to help fight hunger! But if you need inspiration, check out some of our current non-profit charity appeals. Or simply give a precious gift today and support someone else’s fundraiser.

Nadhia Khan's Fighting Hunger - Team365 2024

This Ramadan vulnerable children in Palestine, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and more urgently need our help. Donate now to feed a child for an entire year!

£776.43 raised 104%
Open-ended deadline

Ben Nevis Challenge

Join us as we trek the highest mountain in the UK and bring hope to the children of around the world

£88.00 raised 29%
Open-ended deadline

Fighting Hunger - Team365 2024

This Ramadan vulnerable children in Palestine, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and more urgently need our help. Donate now to feed a child for an entire year!

£196,772.20 raised 98%
Open-ended deadline

Sadaqah Jaariyah Page

In Nash’s memory, we are fundraising to provide refugee children in Sudan with 3 daily meals as they complete their studies.

£19,563.00 raised 130%
Open-ended deadline

Sadaqah Jariyah In Loving Memory of Samir Ashraf: Quran (Hifz) Programme

I have pledged to raise £4000 to provide meals to students, many of whom are orphans, to create a legacy on behalf of my son, Samir.

£15,680.37 raised 392%
Open-ended deadline

What can you do?

Create your own fundraising appeal with us.

Perhaps you can make your birthday even more special by raising money. Or celebrate a life and give in memory of a loved one instead.

No matter how you decide to support our work, it will help people break free from the devastating effects of hunger and start to fulfil all their potential.

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