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Afghanistan School Meals Launch

By Charity RightJan 14, 2022



We are delighted to announce that we are launching a daily school meals programme in Afghanistan.

We all saw Afghanistan in the news in 2021. We heard about the developing situation and how things changed every day… but did we hear much about the everyday lives of the Afghans?

While we’re all too familiar with our political relationship with Afghanistan, the situation of the people themselves remains less known. Around 18.4 million people – half the population – are going hungry because of drought, conflict, flash floods and Covid. A third of the population are reaching emergency levels of food insecurity and, worst of all, half of all children under 5-years-old will face acute malnutrition.

Sadly, there’s no sign of the situation improving. With more than 30 million Afghans needing social assistance from the government, poverty in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly desperate. Families must find ways to survive, sending their children to work for extra income and sometimes marrying their daughters off in the hopes of a better life for them. 

Although the present looks bleak, hope is on the horizon if we can help get children into schools. The education situation is fragile at best in Afghanistan. After Covid forced the government to close schools in 2020, more than 10 million children went without the learning opportunities and protective environment that schools provide. This isn’t counting the 3.7 million children around the country who were unable to attend school in the first place.

However, Charity Right is looking to change that. By offering daily school meals, parents have an incentive to send their children to school and make the most of learning opportunities to maximize their chances of rising out of poverty. Initially aiming to launch in 3 to 10 schools and feed up to 1,000 children, we’ll support children in urban areas in and around Kabul, encouraging them to use their time at school to prepare for university, further education and jobs within cities.

Our plan to offer school meals throws a lifeline to Afghan children living in poverty. With the opportunities school provides and the incentive to get them into classrooms, Charity Right is offering hope to those who need it most. 

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