Dinner Ladies: The Unsung Heroes of Our Hearts

By Charity RightAug 23, 2023

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Actors have the Oscars, musicians have the Grammys, students have prize-giving… but not everyone has a special ceremony to recognise their incredible efforts.

There’s a certain group of people who always seem to get overlooked, no matter whether they work for schools, office buildings or even charities – and that’s kitchen staff.

Although dinner ladies and chefs often get forgotten, that shouldn’t be the case. Just because they work behind-the-scenes doesn’t mean they’re not important. After all, they’re the ones that give out the food that keeps us going!

So let’s take a moment to celebrate their amazing work. After all, Charity Right just wouldn’t work without them. 


Saving the Students

Cars can’t run on an empty tank, and students can’t learn with empty stomachs either.

Students never do their best work when they’re hungry – but when the dinner ladies bring out their meals, they get the physical and mental strength they need to stay healthy and thrive in the classroom.

If it weren’t for the chefs and dinner ladies, many of these children might drop out, either to work on the street to earn money for food or because they simply can’t focus on their studies. But because of dinner ladies, these children receive a happy childhood and the education they need for a brighter future.


Lifting Up the Local Economy

Meals don’t come from thin air, and our chefs are instrumental in sourcing the best food from the community.

One of the hidden benefits of Charity Right is that we don’t ship food from the UK. Instead, donations go straight to schools to buy food from local suppliers. Dinner ladies and chefs are instrumental in maintaining good relations and sourcing the healthiest food they can from the local community, pumping money straight into the local economy.

On top of that, feeding children at school means dinner ladies reduce the financial burden on families. This allows their money to go further and more food to go around, making families’ lives easier.

Chefs and dinner ladies don't get the reception they deserve – so let's turn that around. Take a moment today to remember they're the cogs that keep us going. 


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