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Fighting the food crisis in Ethiopia

Apr 12, 2021



Undernutrition is a severe problem across Ethiopia with more than half of the nation living on less than £1 a day. In an ideal world, children are equipped with the basic tools to navigate society, providing them with the space to inspire and innovate beyond the realities of destitution. However, in countries like Ethiopia, the basic human right to be educated and live a life free of poverty is stripped away.

Their inability to attend school depends on several factors, some of which include shouldering the responsibility of employment, to feed family at home, or being afflicted with illnesses. As a result, child labour is a common crisis faced by the children of Ethiopia, with 85% of them being involved in manual labour today, they often encounter the risk of abuse and discrimination. Without an education, these children grow up in tough conditions, working for long hours, with little pay and without food and water to nourish them.

Almost 4.2 million young children are starving in Ethiopia today, with 36.8% of children under 5 suffering from stunted growth.

It is part of our faith and humanity to improve the quality of poverty-stricken lives and practice this deed with sincerity. We are put to the test in our ability to unite as one Ummah, to demonstrate the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that we are called upon to share: “You will not believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” When a Muslim empathises with the struggle of another human being, it is only natural that we give into this empathy and make charitable donations that will ease their pain. 

At Charity Right, we work towards keeping our youth in school by providing hot meals as a way of empowering future generations and relieving struggling families from not being able to feed their children. Having distributed over 13 million school meals throughout the course of 6 fruitful years, we hope to continue our efforts in raising awareness for the distressing situation across Ethiopia, and with your support and generous donations, make a true difference.



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