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From the shackles of human smugglers to a thriving Quran school in Sudan

By Charity RightMar 11, 2021

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Written by (then 18-years-old) Asma (not pictured): “In May 2019, my classmates and I decided to leave Eritrea and come to Sudan right before the military service began. We were nine girls and two boys.

The journey from our town (Halhal) to the Sudanese border took eight days. Walking on foot was very hard for us, so we needed to take a rest every now and then. We took packs of dates with us so that we can eat them at any time.

After eight days of continuous walking, we crossed the Sudanese border. Human Smugglers took us as hostages and locked us in a room where we spent eleven days. They told us to call our families and ask them for money; each one of us had to pay 100,000 SDG to get released. My uncle paid the money for me and sent me to Alrahman (Alti) Quran School.

Coming to Alti has made a big difference in my life. I met a lot of girls who went through many hardships like me. I have a big family now, I feel safe, and I don’t have to worry about going to the military anymore. And most importantly, we eat three meals every day in our Quran School.

The meals are delicious and provide me with energy to study harder. I memorized five Juz’a of Quran so far, but my goal is to memorize the holy Quran inshaAllah. I want to travel abroad and teach girls Quran in the future. I’m very grateful for Charity Right!”

We are thankful to Allah swt and to our supporters for allowing Asma to live a safer and fuller life.


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