Go the Extra Mile: Deliver Your Donations in Person

By Charity RightJul 21, 2023

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Ever wished you could do more for charity? This is an opportunity to give your donations a personal touch and discover the harsh realities of those in need.

We’ve teamed up with Nudge to do precisely that! Join us on a deployment to one of our countries for a week you’ll never forget.


So, Where To?


Head to Africa to discover the district of Mangochi in Malawi. Or perhaps you’re more interested in South Asia: explore the slums of Dhaka and Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh, visit Kayseri and Istanbul in Turkey, or even experience Thar Desert – the harshest environment in Pakistan.


This is more than a donation; it's a life-changing opportunity to meet our beneficiaries, see the invaluable work we do and witness first-hand how your fundraising changes countless lives. 


Make a Difference in Person


Deployment is more than just a donation. You won’t be doing it from the comfort of your own home; instead, you’ll be right there with them, giving invaluable aid and seeing first-hand how your fundraising changes lives.


You’ll spend a week supporting parents, spreading joy to children, and discussing with local authorities how to ensure the good work you do lives on.


Share Your Stories  


As you provide support to parents and bring joy to children, your experiences become anecdotes that carry the weight of real change. By sharing these stories, you can create a ripple effect, inspiring others to get involved and contribute to meaningful causes.


Social media platforms become powerful tools for spreading the impact of your deployment even further. Through posts, pictures, and videos, you can paint a vivid picture of the challenges faced by the communities you worked with, the progress made, and the hope that your efforts have ignited. Your friends and followers will witness first-hand how your commitment and fundraising efforts have translated into positive change on the ground.


The Fundraising Starts Now!


We would love to bring everyone along for free, but travel’s expensive.Still, we’re prepared to make a deal…


We’ll cover your accommodation and travel costs with no registration fees. All you have to do is fundraise £5,000.


We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you hit that target. We have tons of tips, tricks and ideas for fundraising to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible.


That fundraising will get you more than just a ticket though… We’ve led groups on deployments before and have seen what it means to people. There’s no better feeling than raising money and personally delivering the aid it buys to those in need.


This week will change your life forever: a chance to see the impact your donations have on those who rely on it. So, mark your calendars, get fundraising and sign up now!



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