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Meet Gulbakhar Jelilova: An Uyghur Muslim In Istanbul

Mar 22, 2021



Gulbakhar Jelilova is an Uyghur Muslim who had undergone persecution in one of China’s harrowing camps. After her children wrote numerous letters to the UN she was released by the Chinese government and she is now seeking refuge in Turkey. 

There are many other women like Gulbakhar seeking safe sanctuary in Turkey and in need of assistance. Uyghur Muslims who have come to Turkey seeking safe sanctuary deserve the chance to rebuild their lives. 

We will be supporting 400 women with children whose husbands are missing or are locked away with nutritious food packs and aim to provide assistance to Uyghur Muslims with regular food parcels. 

Just £50 will provide vital food, supporting a Uyghur family for a month.

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Click here to watch our video to hear more about Gulbakhar and her family.

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