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Nassir dreams of being a Quran teacher when he grows up.

By AdminMar 11, 2021



14-year-old Nassir (not pictured), originally from Eritrea, arrived in Sudan to memorize the Holy Quran and its sciences. He lives in the Quran centre’s boarding school due to not having any relatives in the country. 

His father, a farmer, dreamed of memorising the Quran from a young age but couldn’t fulfil this dream, Nassir is now fulfilling this on his behalf.

He is very happy now as he is not only memorising the Quran but receiving daily meals prepared by Charity Right. Nassir expresses: “These meals give me the energy and power to read for longer periods, which will help me memorise the Quran faster. I want to be a sheikh and teach the Quran when I grow up”.

We can’t wait to see Nassir achieve this dream.

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