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Our 2021 – An Incredible Year for Charity Right

By Charity RightDec 20, 2021



Across several countries, your generous donations have allowed us to make a difference to the lives of so many. We’ve delivered an incredible 9,670,104 meals to 209,023 adults and children across the globe this year. 

From feeding hard-working children at school, to saving families suffering from disasters and helping people rebuild their lives – these are our proudest achievements of 2021.


School Launches 

We launched our school meals programme in Ethiopia and Malawi this year, a ground-breaking achievement that will help both countries recover from high poverty rates, low attendance at school and malnutrition. 


Bangladesh has had a terrible year… but come flood or fire, we were there to help with your assistance. 

After a blaze swept through Rohingya refugee camps in March, destroying 3,000 shelters and killing several people, you wasted no time. Your donations raised £3,000 that went directly to providing emergency hot food.

The monsoon season then brought heavy floods, leaving 12,000 refugees vulnerable and in desperate need of relief. Our team were there, delivering thousands of emergency food packs with essentials items.

But we still like to focus on the future generation. We’ve launched 3 schools in Sylhet, totalling 390 children fed 7 days a week. Although they come from low-income families and suffer from malnutrition, we hope our help improves both attendance and wellbeing.


Our school meals programme launched in 4 schools throughout Ethiopia, providing much-needed food to 1,800 students across Addis Ababa, its surrounding city Legetafo and the Afar region.

With regular nutritious meals, we hope to see not only improved attendance and academic performance, but better enrolment and more opportunities.


Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. 50% suffer from poverty; 25% suffer from chronic poverty.

That’s why we started delivering school meals to 222 students at madrassahs, aiming to help children from poor urban and rural Muslim communities.


Food packs are a blessing for families – but we’ve made them better.

With a card system, families have a monthly allowance to purchase groceries and household items they want. With choice, comes dignity and a step closer to independence and self-sufficiency.

We could never have predicted some of the disasters to affect Bangladesh, but as ever, we’re amazed and eternally grateful for your support. And with your continued support for school meals across the world, Charity Right were able to make a real difference to so many this year, and we’re going to be taking our school meals to greater heights in 2022.

We’ve achieved so much in 2021, but we’re not ready to stop just yet. Bring on 2022!

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