Soaring to New Heights with Sunna Supplements

By Charity RightOct 25, 2023

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We both know there’s nothing more important than health and nutrition. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Sunna Supplements!


Who Are Sunna Supplements?

There are tons of brands out there offering multivitamins and products to keep your body in shipshape. But Sunna Supplements isn’t just another one-stop shop for supplements.

What sets Sunna Supplements apart from others is how their collagen is halal and catered specifically for Muslims. Within a year, they’ve made a huge splash amongst the community, amassing an impressive 26.4k Instagram followers who know the importance of proper nutrition.

Why Is Collagen Important?

We all know that water is the most prominent substance in the human body. In fact, up to 60% of our body is made up of simple H20. However, most don’t know that collagen comes in at a close second, making up about a third of all protein in the body.

Collagen is responsible for building all the connective tissue in your body, such as skin, muscle and bones. Still, although it’s a vital part of the human body, collagen production in our body decreases as we get older. In fact, by the time we reach our fifties, we’ve already decreased our collagen production by a third.

After just a few weeks of collagen supplements, you’ll have fewer aches and pains, better skin, nails and hair, and enough energy to reach your full potential.

Why Are We Partnering with Sunna Supplements?

Bovine collagen is one of the best supplements out there for your health, but since most products contain prohibited ingredients, it’s hard for Muslims to find one that’s halal. Sunna supplements offers a halal version of bovine collagen to give everyone the health-boost they need to excel in life.

However, there’s something even more special that makes them perfectly suited to us.

Like Charity Right, health and well-being is a number one priority for Sunna Supplements and their thousands of customers. By partnering with them, we’ll be seen by even more people who know the importance of nutrition, getting us one step closer to a healthier, happier world.

We have lots of exciting projects planned with Sunna Supplements, so stay tuned to find out more!


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