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Ragda’s hope: To attend University one day

By Charity RightMar 8, 2021

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The Al-Mustagbal boarding school in Kassala is a partner school targeted to improve the nutrition, health, and physical and mental development of migrant girls in the refugee camps who hope to progress to secondary school.

One of the children benefiting from this project is Ragda (not pictured). “I lived in the KL26 camp with my father and 11 siblings. A lot of girls in my village stop their education after basic school. My situation wasn’t going to be all that different because there is no secondary school in the camp”. In the years of basic school, Ragda found herself dropping out. This was due to the arduous daily journey she had to make to school.

“I had to cross the muddy pathways and collect wood for cooking meals at home. I hardly found time to study and my family could not afford to prepare lunch for me”. Despite their circumstances and the limited opportunities available to her, Ragda has been able to attend a boarding school for migrant children in Al-Mustagbal, giving her a chance at a brighter future.

“I eat three meals a day, donated by Charity Right. The meals the school provides help me stay healthy, maintain focus in the classroom and give me the energy to live a happy and active life”.

As well as providing Ragda with the extra nutrition she needs, her family are not worried about sending money for food. Ragda is more hopeful for the future, “I will carry on studying hard to join university one day and be able to help my family”.


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