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Meet Omar: A Rohingya refugee in Cox’s Bazaar

By AdminMar 8, 2021



Omar had a happy life until his father died in a car accident in 2011, leaving him and his family vulnerable. “After my father’s sudden death, my mother was pushed to the edge with thoughts of how she would provide for us. My mother did not know what to do and we were sent to a madrassa”


With the help of Charity Right, their life took a better turn as they no longer had to worry about regular meals. Omar attends the madrasa in Ramu, allowing him to learn, play, and receive food and emotional support.


“I feel a bit less worried and I fall less sick now”. His BMI index has improved and he, along with his four siblings, receive a meal every single day. “We need Charity Right to survive but God willing, we hope to be self-sufficient in the future. We are blessed to be part of this food programme. My mother doesn’t have to worry about feeding us any longer”.

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