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We have launched in Ethiopia

Apr 12, 2021



After months of hard work and dedication to the cause, we have now launched our food programme in Ethiopia.

Our aim is to support the Ethiopian community by providing balanced school meals. With the children of Ethiopia struggling to attain nutritional security, creating a safe and healthy school environment for them to thrive in, becomes a crucial step in ending the poverty cycle.

In keeping with the teachings of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH), to reflect in his compassionate and selfless nature, we as Muslims are taught to consider the welfare of others and to contribute to the development of society where we are capable to do so.

In a hadith narrated by Ibn-Abbas, the Prophet (PBUH) said, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while his neighbour goes hungry.” Supporting those in poverty can be in the form of feeding the needy, giving zakat, participating in livelihood schemes or investing in an orphan’s wellbeing. All of which contribute to safeguarding vulnerable communities and bettering their chances at survival.

Charity Right will be distributing school meals to schools which serve the urban slum communities of Addis Ababa and internally displaced (IDP) communities in camps on the edge of the city. Having visited and assessed the schools, our team found that urgent intervention is needed to overcome food insecurity within the community. 

We are launching in 4 schools, providing Ramadan packs to 1346 families. Following Ramadan, we will be serving lunches to 3885 children, inshaAllah. 

With the majority of children, walking to school hungry and not being able to have lunch either, we are working on establishing and equipping the school kitchens with a food programme, to feed the students. This Ramadan, we will be distributing food packs to the school communities, to be collected by the childrens’ parents or guardians, God-willing.

By launching this campaign, we hope to ease the suffering of Ethiopian children and for your donations to be the beginning of a prosperous future, insha’Allah. Let’s work to give children their future.



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