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We have launched in Malawi

Apr 14, 2021



Alhamdulilah, team Charity Right is now in Malawi! 

We will be funding feeding programs in Muslim-led schools and madrassah’s in the Mangochi district, which is located in the southern region of Malawi. We will be focused on delivering food in the Mangochi district, as the poverty rate there is extremely high (73%). In fact, it is the worst in Malawi, with 50% of Malawian youth over the age of 15 never attending school and a heartbreaking 9% have completed primary school.

Our aim is to support children who often grow up in the ‘poverty trap’, where their families are too poor to provide food so the child must go out and scavenge for their meals by working, begging or stealing. This also means that the child is unable to go to school and gain an education. Even if the child does go to school, their mental and physical stamina will be too weak for them to focus on their studies.

At Charity Right, we ensure Muslim children in developing countries are empowered by facilitating education in their own community and providing them with healthy, nutritious meals. 

It is a beautiful feeling to contribute towards the betterment of a precious human life. To those who receive your charity, the effects can be life changing. Yet in Islam, the rewards reaped in charity equally benefit the benefactor. Through the act of giving, one can expect elimination of sin and an unexpected return in wealth, both in this life and the hereafter.

More importantly, we achieve an overarching sense of gratitude and a positive change of perspective that brings us closer to Allah SWT.

A school meal is more than a plate of food. It represents a powerful tool that children in education rely on to enhance their learning experience and heighten performance levels. By introducing cooked and balanced diets into their educational routine, we boost the health status of Malawian children and help to keep them in education throughout the years.

In launching this campaign, together we hope to rebuild young lives in Malawi. Let’s create safe, educational spaces for our children to thrive and innovate.



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