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Aisha Ahmed's image

Aisha Ahmed

Aleena's appeal to help deprived children go to school

Let's raise funds to help deprived, young children go to school and get healthy, nutritiou...

£1,086.50 raised 100%

Open-ended deadline

Deen For Sisters's image

Deen For Sisters

Feeding the hungry this 'Ashura

We are fundraising to provide regular meals to over 390 children in Sylhet, Bangladesh for...

£7,662.40 raised 77%

Open-ended deadline

Charity Right's image

Charity Right

Be like the Ansar

Be like the Ansar by supporting over 1,500 child refugees from Rohingya and Eritrean commu...

£4,348.50 raised 43%

Open-ended deadline

Shazia's image


Shazia's Ditch it for Dhul Hijjah

Feed school children by ditching something you love for the 10 days of Dhul Hijjah! £150 ...

£455.50 raised 100%

Open-ended deadline

Charity Right's image

Charity Right

Let's sponsor 100 Yemeni children with food for a year

Support 100 Yemeni children with school meals, giving them a place to be happy & healthy a...

£6,818.50 raised 57%

Open-ended deadline

Khadijah Islam's image

Khadijah Islam

Khadijah's Olive Tree Study's Food for Children

Olive Tree Study are partnering with Charity Right this Ramadan - to feed vulnerable child...

£2,010.00 raised 100%


Dhakirah Ali's image

Dhakirah Ali

Dhakirah's Hifz appeal

I am beyond excited to fundraise for the beautiful charity that is Charity Right. May All�...

£571.80 raised 84%

Open-ended deadline

Nadhia Khan's image

Nadhia Khan

Feeding people of the Quran

Fundraising to provide a year of 3 daily meals for 10 children completing their memorisati...

£2,277.00 raised 95%

Open-ended deadline

Gulshan Khan-Malik's image

Gulshan Khan-Malik

Gulshan Khan-Malik’s Ramadan Appeal for Yemen in Loving Memory of Zahida Laher

Fundraising to provide regular meals to school children in YEMEN.

£8,009.00 raised 100%

Open-ended deadline

Atiyyah Younis's image

Atiyyah Younis

Atiyyah's Feeding Refugee School Children

Providing meals to refugee children in Sudan - keeping them in school so they can receive ...

£4,501.56 raised 100%


Rahat Hadi's image

Rahat Hadi

School Meals for Afghanistan - Deutsche Bank Muslim Network

This Ramadan, we are fundraising to provide regular meals to children in Afghanistan!

£4,370.00 raised 44%

Open-ended deadline

Faiza Islam's image

Faiza Islam

Ramadan 2022

Join the UK's biggest community fundraising team in Ramadan.

£140.00 raised 70%


What can you do?

Create your own fundraising appeal. Make your birthday even more special by raising money. Or celebrate a life and give in memory of a loved one.

However you decide to support the work of Charity Right, it will help people break free from the devastating effects of hunger and start to fulfil all their potential.

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