Our projects

Quran programme

We work to provide hot meals to Quran students, many of which are orphans. Our charity work provides nutrition that is key to giving students of Quran the strength to remain focused throughout their studies at a Quran school. 

Make a difference

Together, we can give vulnerable children learning the Quran hope of a much brighter future.

By giving a precious gift today and sponsoring a Hafiz orphan, you can help to change young lives forever.

Your generosity can give students of Quran the chance to improve their Islamic knowledge and allow them to feel empowered to get an education.

Quick donation

  • £25 can provide a Hifz student with 3 daily meals for a month.
  • £150 can provide a Hifz student with 3 daily meals for six months.
  • £300 can provide a Hifz student with 3 daily meals for a year.
  • £3000 can provide 10 Hifz students with 3 daily meals for a year
The issue

Many orphaned children can only turn to Quran schools as their main source of education, as they have no family to support them.

Not only are they learning Quran, but they are also inclined to eat, sleep and spend most of their childhood at a Quran school.

The solution

As a Muslim orphan charity, we provide hot meals to Quran students and offer them a chance to perform their Islamic duties to the best of their ability.

By donating to orphans, you can help keep them nourished and healthy, strengthen their physical and mental well-being, and allow them to focus on their studies.

You can sponsor an orphan today and help provide crucial education for children who are trying to develop their understanding of the Islamic faith. 

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