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Family food packs

We provide support and food for families who are in severe need of nutrition by delivering a food pack to their door every month.

The harsh conditions these families live in, displacement, and a high cost of living has plunged them into poverty meaning they are extremely vulnerable to severe hunger. As a feed the hungry charity, our food packs remove the anxiety around where a family’s next meal is going to come from, providing food security in the long-term.

Make a difference

Together, we can feed vulnerable families around the world and help to alleviate the hunger crisis.

By giving a precious gift today and feeding families, you can help to change millions of lives.

Your generosity can feed the hungry, increasing a family’s chance of survival and provide them with long-term food security.

Thanks to your generosity, we can donate food to vulnerable families living in extreme poverty in some of the most under-developed countries in the world.


The issue

Many families endure a cycle of poverty on a daily basis and must do their best to survive. It is often common for the entire family to work, in order to simply acquire a meal at the end of the day.

Over the years, there has been a generational gap with families not being able to attend school. As a result, large populations of people are struggling in the outside world, having not learned any new skills that will help them become self-sufficient.

The solution

Family food packs are delivered to vulnerable households across developing countries, including families that may need to escape the daily hustle, in order to learn a new skill or seek training.

With our food donations, we are both protecting precious life by feeding families, while allowing them to reach their full potential.

Donate to our food charity today and help us deliver food for the starving, ensuring critical food security for families who really need it. 

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