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Emergency appeals

With our supporters’ help, we respond swiftly and effectively to disasters around the world, providing crisis relief to ensure vulnerable children and adults receive life-saving food and emergency aid.

Make a difference

Together, we can provide world emergency relief to those in crisis and work towards ending the poverty cycle.

By giving a precious gift today and donating to an emergency appeal, you can help to support vulnerable people during world disasters.

Your generosity can give vulnerable communities the chance to survive in extreme conditions. With our life-saving emergency-relief, families and children are supported during uncertain times.

The issue

Millions of people around the world continue to suffer when disaster strikes. Facing extreme conditions on a daily basis, children and families are left stranded with little food and shelter to protect them.

With ongoing wars and natural disasters, communities are in need of urgent crisis relief and emergency aid, now more than ever.

The solution

Our emergency aid equips children and families with long-lasting, nutritious food they need for survival.

As many people struggle to continue their lives in the wake of a world crisis, every emergency appeal donation helps us to respond quickly and effectively. With your support, we can heal lives all around the world.

Donate to a crisis today and support communities in developing countries who have no food to keep them going. 

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