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Transforming lives with the power of food

We develop and deliver charity projects so they have the greatest impact possible on the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

School meals

Our charity work aims to help children from forgotten and neglected communities stay healthy and get a good education. We do this by providing regular, nutritious meals through our school charity project.

Quran programme

We work to provide hot meals to Quran students, many of which are orphans. Our charity work provides regular nutrition that is key to giving them the strength to remain focused throughout their studies. This charity appeal is crucial to providing Hafiz orphans with the nutrition they need to learn the Quran.

Family food packs

Our charity projects support families who are in severe need of nutrition by delivering a food pack to their door every month.

The harsh conditions these families live in, displacement, and a high cost of living has plunged them into poverty meaning they are extremely vulnerable to severe hunger. Our charity work removes the anxiety around where a family’s next meal is going to come from, and our help is there for the long-term.

Emergency appeals

With our supporters’ help, we respond swiftly and effectively to disasters around the world to ensure vulnerable children and adults receive life-saving food. At the heart of any emergency appeal we undertake, our principle aim is feeding children who are suffering.

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