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Rise to the Ramadan Challenge and Transform Lives!

It’s that time again! Get active with our global challenge this Ramadan.

Join a worldwide community and make this Ramadan your most active one yet by walking, cycling, weight-lifting, skipping... you name it - all while making a difference that lasts generations.

Earn a beautiful medal, a symbol of your accomplishment, and a charity t-shirt by fundraising a minimum of £150.

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How it works?

  • Step 1: Decide on your challenge!
  • Step 2: Complete our sign-up form.
  • Step 3: Join our WhatsApp group.
  • Step 4: Get active in Ramadan. Share progress on Strava!
  • Step 5: Start fundraising. Earn your medal!
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Take a daily ride, or aim to cycle a certain distance each day.


Push yourself to walk a certain distance or number of steps each day.


Climb the stairs at home, or visit a local rock climbing gym for a workout.


Head to the gym, lift some weights and smash a personal best this Ramadan.

Team Sport

Join a local sports team like football or cricket and play during Ramadan.


Explore local trails and enjoy the beauty of nature while getting a workout.


Take a dip in the pool or go for a wild swim for a refreshing workout.

So, grab your trainers and hit the pavement, or reach new heights trekking - the choice is yours!

Get Involved

While there's no fundraising target, did you know that it takes £150 to feed a child school meals for an entire year? So, aim high and ask yourself: how many children and young people will I feed this Ramadan? And with medals up for grabs, it's time to get fundraising!

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Keep track of your fitness progress and see where you stand among the rest!

Unleash your competitive spirit and showcase your achievements for the title of ultimate fitness & fundraising champion!

It's time to put an end to phantom weight gain and lethargy today.

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After all major running events were cancelled during the pandemic, I set myself a new mega-challenge – running 260km in the month of Ramadan while fasting. This spur of the moment decision became something more; I ended up raising over £50,000 and it became a means of inspiring people to remain active and exercise safely during the blessed month.

It was exactly this experience that inspired the inception of The Ramadan Challenge. I’d love for you to join me with an activity of your choice – personalised at a level or distance that suits you. Let's get active and make a difference to young lives together.

Haroon Mota

Charity Right Ambassador, Founder of Active Inclusion Network

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whether you like running, cycling or any other physical activity, the Ramadan Challenge is your chance to get active this Ramadan and provide children and young people with free school meals.

    Pick whichever activity you like and start fundraising for Charity Right to make Ramadan a month of action, impact and generosity.

  • The sky’s the limit!

    You can pick something as simple as walking or running a certain distance, cycling to work or beating a personal record at the gym. Or perhaps you could even set a goal based on how much activity you do per day or per week – it’s entirely up to you.

    No matter what your chosen activity is and what goals you set, so long as it’s active, it counts!

  • Yes, you can sign up as an individual or as part of a group! Get your friends, family and colleagues involved for a bit of competitive fun this Ramadan.
  • Not to worry - technical issues happen to the best of us! If you're stuck or running into any difficulty at all, just send a message to, and we'll sort you out.

  • Not at all! This is your challenge, your way. Is walking no longer working for you? That’s fine, go ahead and try cycling instead. Feel free to chop and change the goal posts throughout the month.

  • Yes, absolutely – there is no exclusion criteria. If you might like to fast for one day, part of Ramadan or even half a fast, we’re happy to support you with this.