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About The Forgotten

Give charity during the most blessed ten days of the year

The Forgotten is an innovative tool that allows you to spread your donations over the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah.

How does it work?

Schedule your donation in 3 easy steps

Follow these steps and put your mind at ease.


1. Select your projects

Select projects from the list provided and choose a donation amount for each


2. Split your donation

Choose how you split your donation across the first ten days


3. Confirm and pay

Confirm your donation and leave the rest to us

Our projects

Where will my money go?

Your donation will go towards delivering essential humanitarian aid to those in the greatest need.


School meals

Provide regular meals to school children.


Quran programme

Help feed Quran students so they can focus on their learning.


Family food packs

Feed families who are in severe need of nutrition.


Emergency appeals

Help provide vital food aid to those most affected

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Don’t miss out on the day of Arafah

Seize the opportunity to perform good deeds and make the most of the Day of Arafah

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