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    School meals

    Our aim is to help children from forgotten and neglected communities stay healthy and get a good education. We do this by providing regular, nutritious meals in schools. 

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    Quran programme

    We provide hot meals to Quran students, many of which are orphans. This regular nutrition is key to giving them the strength to remain focused throughout their studies.

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    Family food packs

    We provide support for families who are in severe need of nutrition by delivering a food pack to their door every month.

    The harsh conditions these families live in, displacement, and a high cost of living has plunged them into poverty meaning they are extremely vulnerable to severe hunger. Our food packs remove the anxiety around where a family’s next meal is going to come from, and our help is there for the long-term.

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    Emergency appeals

    With our supporters’ help, we respond swiftly and effectively to disasters around the world to ensure vulnerable children and adults receive life-saving food.

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