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We will transform lives forever

Charity Right is an international food charity that is determined to free people from devastating hunger.

Our history

Since 2016, we have provided over 40 million meals in 7 countries.

This life-changing support has saved thousands of lives and freed people to get an education, develop new skills and rise out of poverty. But with millions still going hungry, our vital work must continue.

Our chief executive and trustees

At Charity Right, our staff members and trustees are passionate about using their skills and experience to transform lives forever.


Sajad Mahmood, CEO

Our CEO since 2016, Sajad is a hands on CEO often visiting projects oversees


Fraz Butt, Chairman

Our chairman since January 2021, Fraz is a partner at an international solicitors based in London


Bilkisu Ibrahim, Trustee

International development professional with experience both in the public and private sector


Azhar Khan, Trustee

Chartered Accountant. Formally CFO at Al Rayan Bank and QIB (UK)


Akhter Raouf, Trustee

CEO of Al-Noor Foundation


Rahma Javed, Trustee

Director of Engineering for the Restaurants group at Deliveroo

Our approach

Helping people who need our support the most.

To ensure our supporters’ gifts have the greatest impact, we have developed a four-step process that is at the heart of all our life-changing projects.

Step 1 –Identify need

We review initial reports on and existing proposals for communities to identify where our work is needed the most and can have the greatest impact.

Step 2 – Local team

We establish a team in the area we may work in to gain valuable insights and to establish links with local organisations and the people we may potentially help.

Step 3 –Research

We conduct a thorough evaluation of the potential project. This includes an inspection of the area, feasibility study and risk assessment.

Step 4–Delivery plan

If we decide to go ahead with a project, we develop a delivery plan for our food support that will have an immediate and long-term positive impact.

Why focus on food?

Good nutrition is key to improving life chances

It can stop premature deaths, prevent illness and help to reduce the impact of diseases such as malaria and measles.

Access to regular, nutritious meals also allows people to study, work and become self-sufficient.


Learn more about our impact

Last year, our inspiring supporters helped to provide over 10 million meals to over 60,000 people. Vital support that has saved lives and given children and adults the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Find out more by downloading our latest impact report, which details our work in different countries.

Download report

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