Charity Right - Food Fridays!

Food Fridays makes regular donations stress-free

Friday…Jumah…whatever you call it, what better way is there to feed others than on the best and most sacred day of the week?

Make a difference

A little goes a long way

From just £3 you can provide 6 hot meals to children around the world!

How does it work

Your support can change their life

Set your weekly donation once and you’re there! Your donation will go out every week, and don’t worry, if your personal circumstances change, you can cancel or change your donation at any time.

1. Set your weekly giving amount

What you set is up to you. The more you can give, the more we’ll be able to support our children with regular, nutritious meals.

2. Sit back

There’s no catch, it’s that easy. Food Fridays is your answer to stress-free donations!

3. Watch your money making a difference

It’s no exaggeration, your weekly donation will make a huge difference. We’ll be able to continue offering our long-term meals and that’s all thanks to you.

Why Food Fridays?

Food Fridays keeps our work long-term

Thank God it’s Friday - TGIF! Fridays bring us all a lot of joy and relief for successfully making it through our hectic week. But what makes them even more special is that they are the most blessed day in the week as supported by various Hadiths.

So make this day even more special by signing up for Food Fridays where your consistent donations will support the ones in need on a long term basis.

Set my weekly donation

Regular school meals

By providing regular school meals, we offer parents and guardians an incentive to keep their children in school.

Education is the key to improving livelihoods in so many communities, that’s how far a regular meal can go!

Regular school meals

Partner with us

Leave your details here and we can chat about how you can be part of the Food Fridays journey with us. We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch with our partnership team today!