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School meals

As a school meals charity, our aim is to help children from forgotten and neglected communities stay healthy and get a good education. We do this by providing regular, nutritious meals for children in schools. 

Make a difference

Together, we can give vulnerable children hope of a much brighter future.

By giving a precious gift of a school donation, you can help to change young lives forever.

Your generosity can feed starving children, giving them the chance to get an education, escape poverty and empower them to achieve their dreams. By donating to our school meals project, you will be helping us deliver healthy meals to children in impoverished areas of the world who struggle to get an education and live their lives to the fullest.

Quick donation

  • £13 can provide a child with school meals for a month.
  • £75 can provide a child with school meals for six months.
  • £150 can provide a child with school meals for a year.
  • £3000 can provide a class of 20 children with school meals for a year.
The issue

Around the world, millions of children are trapped in poverty. Due to lack of nutrition and inadequate sanitation, the lives of many children remain at risk.

These children struggle to receive an education, as they are often the sole breadwinners of their household and must work to provide for their families. Even if they make it into the classrom, extreme hunger affects their ability to learn.

The solution

With school donations, we can start to transform lives forever. By providing healthy school meals, we offer parents and guardians who are unable to provide a huge incentive to send their children to school.

Thanks to our school meals charity, these children are much more likely to live a healthy life, experience a life-changing education and share a fun childhood with friends. Our children's food campaign aims to provide healthy meals to attract hungry children into the classroom. 

Each of our school meals contain nutritious and energy-rich ingredients to ensure these starving children can concentrate and make the most of their education. 

These healthy school lunches fill their empty bellies, providing the energy and opportunity to learn and give them the chance of a brighter future. Our school meals also support families struggling to feed their children. 

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