Empower a Hifz Student with the Gift of Education, Health & Happiness

Unlock a brighter future for a Hifz student with Hifz Sponsorship

Be part of a Hifz student's journey by sponsoring a child for only £25 per month. You have the freedom to choose the student and the country.

Through your sponsorship, you can make a significant impact on a child's life.

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Support a Hifz Student

from as little as £25 per month or £300 per year

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The Impact of Your Hifz Sponsorship

Your Hifz Sponsorship is more than an act of charity; it's an investment in a child's well being and intellect. Your help offers daily meals, empowering students to concentrate on their Qur'an studies.

As they mature, their Qur'an and Arabic knowledge enables personal growth and community contribution, promoting unity.

Sponsor a Hifz Student

What Does Your Hifz Sponsorship Do?

Our Zakat-eligible programme caters to boarding Hifz students from varied backgrounds, offering a safe-haven and nourishing them with daily school meals to fuel their Quranic studies. Your sponsorship ignites their potential, ensuring that with sustenance and the holy Quran in their hearts, they are equipped to embrace a brighter future.

Sponsor a Hifz Student
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Why Sponsor a Hifz Student with Charity Right?

Sponsoring a Hifz student is not just about providing meals. Instead, your generosity nurtures well-rounded individuals with a command of the Qur'an and the Arabic language, opening doors to higher education and a path to a life filled with happiness.

Sponsor a Hifz Student
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How Does Your Hifz Sponsorship Benefit The Students?

Your support cultivates lifelong learners. A Hifz education has long-term benefits that equip these students with the skills to become independent, thriving and contributing members of society.

Sponsor a Hifz Student
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'Your generosity will leave a legacy, a well educated child can break the cycle of poverty for future generations, making it an investment that continues to reward you long after you're not here."

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Sheikh Dr. Sajid Umar

Quran Programme Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hafiz (male) or Hafiza (female) is an Arabic word meaning ‘protector’, and in this case... the protector or preserver of the Qur’an through memorisation.
  • You essentially provide school meals to Hifz students in boarding schools, making sure they have the strength and good health to continue their studies.

    Learning how to recite and memorise the Qur’an benefits these students in other areas of their life, allowing them to access higher education and change life around for themselves and their families.

  • Yes
  • After completing your sponsorship payment, your sponsorship will begin from the 1st of the following month.
  • You will receive an annual report, which gives you an update on the Hifz student's progress.

Your Hifz Sponsorship Transforms Lives.

Sponsor a Hifz Student
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