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A Ray of Hope for the Future

By Charity RightJan 18, 2023

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How easily do you give up? Despite how determined we like to think we are, many of us quit at the first sign of trouble, whenever things are starting to look bad.

If we live in the present or the past happens to deal us a bad hand, we might give up and move onto something else.

Sadly, there are lots of children who aren’t just dealt a bad hand – they have the worst imaginable start to life you can imagine… but they still summon the strength to carry on and find a way to be positive, always looking forward.

And it’s those children who are a bright ray of hope for the future…


Meet Rayhan

About seven kilometers away from the village of Ramu in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, lives a young boy called Rayhan.

Rayhan couldn’t tell you much about his parents. Shortly after he was born, his father passed away from cancer and his mother remarried, leaving Rayhan’s older sister to raise him by herself.

Rayhan’s sister is an absolute wonder, taking on the matriarchal role and being the main breadwinner for her and little Rayhan… but neither food nor shelter was a luxury either of them could ever take for granted. They were vulnerable children alone in a big, scary world…

But Rayhan refused to let that hold him back. After all, his past won’t determine his future – only he can do that.


Choosing His Own Path

You might moan about your daily commute, but I doubt it’s as taxing as Rayhan’s. Each day, he and his sister make a seven-kilometer trek to get to the Madrassah in Ramu – that’s over an hour of walking each way!

But with the promise of school meals and a Hifz education, it’s 100% worth it!

Rayhan won’t let the opportunity slip away. Despite the long walk, his enthusiasm means he’s never late for class.

He’s unlikely to be late to a meal either! He can’t pick a favourite dish, and all the regular nutritious meals he receives give him enough energy to play with his friends and study hard.

But what will he do with this Hifz education? Perhaps inspired by how his big sister took him under her wing, he wants to protect others too and serve his country by becoming an army officer.

Of course, he still feels sad whenever he thinks back to how he lost his parents… but Rayhan has a dream and a ray of hope for the future – and he’s not going to give up!

Sponsoring a Hifz student helps a child just like Rayhan, allowing them to turn their lives around and determine their own path in life.

And you can help make that happen by donating here.


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