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Meet Idris, our star Hifz student in Sudan!

By Charity RightAug 1, 2023

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Hunger has forced 1 in 4 children in Sudan into child labour. With no education, they have little hope of escaping the poverty cycle.

For kids like Idris, it only takes three meals a day to go from hunger to hope…


Meet Idris

Idris is a 13-year-old boy from Sudan. He has dreams like any other child and hopes to become a Quran teacher to spread knowledge, hope and wisdom throughout his community. With 20 parts of the Quran already memorised, Idris is well on the way to achieving his dream.

It wasn’t long ago that his dream seemed impossible.

Like with millions of children across the world, poverty had cast a shadow on his future. With his family on the brink of starving each day, Idris would have had no choice but to drop out of school and work for extra income for his family.

Thanks to Charity Right, Idris's life took a remarkable turn.


The Power of School Meals

Health, Hifz & Happiness is the key to unlocking bright futures and has saved Idris from a lifetime of labour.

Each day, Idris and his friends enjoy nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, helping them grow up healthy, concentrate on memorising the Quran and pursue their passion for learning.

There’s a real twinkle in his eyes when Idris talks about his plan to travel to Saudi Arabia to become a Quran teacher in Madinah and carry out a pilgrimage of Allah’s house. Once he’s finished memorising the Quran, Idris will be able to continue his studies and achieve his dreams.


Sponsor a Child Like Idris 

Idris is a success story – but child labour remains a harsh reality for millions of children across the globe. Every child has a dream and education can help them achieve it – all that stands in the way are school meals.

By sponsoring a Hifz student in Ethiopia, Sudan or Turkey, you can be the guiding light that brightens a child's future. Your donations not only provide food but also hope, dignity, and a chance to escape the cycle of poverty.

Be the change that shapes a generation and leave a legacy that paves the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Sponsor a Hifz student like Idris today. 



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