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Bangladesh has the most underweight children in South Asia...
Food is their answer

Bangladesh is suffering from the global food crisis.

Three-quarters of their children’s meals don’t meet dietary variety standards. Even 26% of under-fives from wealthy households are stunted... Hunger has dominated the country.

But food is their answer.

With regular and nutritious school meals, children in Bangladesh can get the vital nutrition they need to grow up healthily. Attending school on a full stomach allows them to achieve the education they need to break from this pattern and unlock a brighter future.

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'Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving alms and charity until your last breath.'

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sahih Bukhari

Alia's School Offered Her a Lifeline

Did you know 75% of children’s diets don’t meet dietary variety standards in Bangladesh – here’s just one child...

Meet Alia.

6-year-old Alia’s father sadly died when she was very young. Soon after, Alia and her family were evicted from their home, left with no food or shelter.

Even after moving to Moheshkhali, Alia’s mother struggled to find a job. She had to watch as her children starved, each of them suffering various diseases, forever impacting their mental health.

Food is her answer.

With regular and nutritious school meals at her madrassah, Alia can finally enjoy the feeling of a full stomach, allowing her to grow up healthily and have the energy to focus on her studies. Thanks to school meals, Alia and her family finally have the chance for a brighter future.

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