How to Maximise Your Ramadan

By Charity RightFeb 22, 2024

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Ramadan is fast approaching, and many Muslims around the world are busy making preparations. Don’t worry if you’re not quite ready though – you’re certainly not the only one.  

Luckily, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to help you truly appreciate this sacred time of year and make the most of the blessings it offers. By adjusting your mindset and taking some of these tips on board, you can rediscover the beauty of Ramadan and strengthen your imaan and connection to Allah SWT. 


Embrace the Spirit of Togetherness 


Prioritise Family Connections 

One of the beautiful aspects of fasting is how suhoor and iftar bring families together. Make the most of this and strengthen the relationship between you and your family by planning out these meals – and maybe banning phones to limit screen time and appreciate each other’s company! Enjoy some quality time with your family and perhaps use this opportunity to pray together too. 


Deepen Your Relationship with Allah 

More importantly, Ramadan offers a prime opportunity to build your connection to Allah. Engage in various acts of worship and reflection, such as increased prayer, recitation of the Qur’an, and charitable deeds. These practices serve not only as acts of obedience but also as means to draw closer to Allah and deepen one's relationship with Him. 


Manage Your Time Effectively

It can be hard to balance your regular day-to-day life with increased worship during Ramadan, but it’s easier when you prepare beforehand. 

If you can, set goals for Ramadan ahead of time. Keep these specific and realistically achievable, such as reading the Qur’an for at least half an hour each day, doing dhikr throughout the day and making Du’a for yourself and the entire Ummah after each Salah. If it helps, keep a timetable to ensure you’re meeting your goals without losing track of time. 


Cultivate Positive Habits 

The way we act during Ramadan doesn’t have to be temporary. In fact, for many of us it’s a great opportunity to start lifelong positive habits. For example, it doesn’t take much effort to make daily dhikr a habit – be it a hundred istighfar or something else. Whenever you come across something challenging during your day, take a few minutes to compose yourself and ask for Allah’s guidance. 

Even better, Ramadan could be a chance to nurture the habit of reading voluntary prayers. After all, since blessings from Allah are multiplied during Ramadan, there’s no better time to embrace Tahajjud or Ishraq prayers. 


Foster Discipline Through Fasting 

Discipline and self-control are key elements of Ramadan but they’re most clear when it comes to fasting.  

Start getting used to the feeling of hunger and learning to overcome it. Change your eating routine, perhaps by having a late breakfast or cutting out snacks throughout the day, and slowly reduce portion sizes. Do your shopping on a full stomach too to avoid the temptation to load your trolley full of snacks! 

These simple habits can help you control your hunger and learn to appreciate food, encouraging us to show gratitude to Allah and compassion for the Ummah. 


Maximise Your Charitable Impact 

The Prophet PBUH was even more generous during Ramadan which is why we are so often encouraged to improve our generosity throughout the month. 

Unfortunately, between work, Ibadah and iftar with your family, it’s easy for this extra Sadaqah to slip your mind. However, when blessings from charitable acts are multiplied during Ramadan, it’s important to seize this opportunity to maximise your blessings. 

That’s why it’s so helpful to automate your daily donations so you never miss a day of giving again and spread your generosity to children who need it most. 

Luckily, we have a tool that allows you to do precisely this. 30 Nights of Giving lets you set your daily Ramadan donations before the month even begins. That way you can focus on other worship, safe in the knowledge that your Sadaqah is already taken care of. 

Get ahead of the game now and schedule your Ramadan donations in advance so you can focus on the blessings of Ramadan, confident your Zakat and Sadaqah will have a positive impact across the world. 



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