Ramadan Reflections: Sadaqah

By Charity RightMar 15, 2024

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Charity is a major part of Islam. Zakat is one of the five pillars that are central to Islam, but it doesn’t stop there. Voluntary charity (Sadaqah) is another important aspect of being a Muslim, and it’s always beautiful, blessed and beloved by Allah SWT. 

Charitable acts don’t just improve the world we live in and the lives around us, but we will also be rewarded for them in the hereafter. 


Why is Giving Sadaqah Important?

Sadaqah is an act of devotion to Allah, one that can yield blessings and even forgiveness.  

It is also a way for us to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet PBUH. The Prophet was well known to be exceptionally generous throughout the entire year, but especially during the sacred month of Ramadan.

He welcomed opportunities for Sadaqah and gave freely, knowing he could bring joy to the Ummah while earning blessings from Allah in the Hereafter. 


How Much Should be Given as Sadaqah? 

Acts of Sadaqah are voluntary and all beloved by Allah.  

Nevertheless, it’s still best to be generous, and you can never give too much. In fact, the more you sacrifice and the more important it is to you, the closer you get to achieving the true righteousness we all strive for.

It’s easy to give away old possessions you don’t use anymore or leftovers from dinner when you’re already full; it’s far harder to give from something you value – but that’s where the true blessings come from. 

You will never achieve righteousness until you donate some of what you cherish.” [Qur’an] 


Seek Out Opportunities to Give Sadaqah 

If you haven’t had a chance to give Sadaqah today, why not donate to Charity Right now? Your kindness and generosity feeds school meals to children across Malawi, Palestine, Turkey and beyond. 



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