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Faisal's Appeal for Pakistan

This Ramadan, vulnerable and malnourished children in Thar, Pakistan urgently need OUR help. Donate now to support 80 children with yearly meals!

£6,800.00 raised of £10,000.00

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By donating to this fundraising page You will be providing meals to needy children.

  • £60

    can provide 6 months of regular meals for one school child

  • £120

    can provide a year of regular meals for one school child

In the last three years, over 1,500 children died in the Thar Desert, in Pakistan due to malnutrition.

Sadly, this is nothing new for the district. Frequent drought kills not just people, but also the livestock that residents depend on for their food, milk, and livelihood. The majority have little to no access to healthcare, and the average distance to the nearest health facility is 17km. 

These droughts are predictable and regular, making death avoidable. But corruption and a lack of coordination mean that government-sanctioned aid often doesn't reach those who need it.

The Tharparkar district is one of the harshest environments in the world. Without help, people will continue to die of starvation.

What We Do

Charity Right's programme in the Thar Desert provides 10 schools with daily school meals. That's over 2,000 students who are given freshly cooked food at school every day. Last year we provided over 173,000 meals to the children of Thar!

Now that we guarantee schoolchildren a daily meal, families can settle in one place, and parents encourage their children to attend school and give them a better chance of escaping the poverty cycle. 

This project is Zakat eligible!

£10 = one child is fed for an entire month! 

£60 = one child is fed for 6 months!  

£120 = one child is fed for 1 whole year! 

£240 = 2 children supported with regular meals for 1 whole year!  

Give a donation to support our campaign. May Allah accept our efforts. Ameen  

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