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Feeding children in memory of Fariha

In honour of Fariha

This year I’m raising funds as a legacy project for my late sister, Fariha

£52,182.50 raised of £50,000.00

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By donating to this fundraising page you will be providing meals to needy children.

  • £13

    Can provide a month of regular meals for one school child

  • £75

    Can provide 6 months of regular meals for one school child

  • £150

    Can provide a year of regular meals for one school child

  • £600

    Can provide a year of regular meals for four school children

My heart is heavy yet hopeful as I'm taking on a deeply personal journey in honour of my sister, Fariha.


Our dear Fariha spent most of 2023 battling cancer and despite a valiant fight, lost her life toward the end of the year. 


She spent a lot of her adult life raising funds for causes just like this, such was her love for children and wanting to help others. A great example of being human! Her compassion knew no bounds, and her legacy of kindness continues to inspire all who knew her.


As I reflect on her life and the impact she made, I intend to carry forward her legacy in a way that honours her memory and the values she held dear.


I’m hoping the blessings from this campaign will become a means of ongoing charity for her and reward her soul


And so the aim is to collect funds and provide food for 50,000 children across Palestine, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and beyond… 


….because, they urgently need our help. 


For just £150, a child can receive regular and nourishing school meals for an entire year, ensuring that they no longer have to face each day on an empty stomach.



Beyond a meal, this is a beacon of hope, a promise of brighter days ahead, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.


Donate now in memory of Fariha, and together, we can feed and bring hope to children. 

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  • RB

    Ruth Butterfield

    3 months ago


  • AD

    Abdul Hafeez darr

    3 months ago


    Keep up the great work - may Allah SWT accept it from you all

  • Anonymous

    3 months ago


    Miss you so much darling x

  • YS

    Yasser Sheikh

    3 months ago


  • Anonymous

    3 months ago


    May Allah Taala accept all the good work