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A Year of Endurance, Impact and Aspirations with Haroon Mota

By Charity RightDec 31, 2023

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It’s been a busy year! What have been some of your highlights?

This year was filled with milestones. Running the Boston Marathon during Ramadan was a huge one. Not only did it win me a Six-Star Finisher medal, but I did it while raising over £25,000 for Charity Right.


The recent Snowdon hike for Palestine was another standout. Seeing over 200 people come together for a hike in winter was unprecedented, but it was incredible to see the Palestinian cause represented so strongly.


We may have raised over £300,000 in just one year, but I try not to look too much at fundraising figures. After all, they’re only numbers. What’s more important is the lives we’re changing and the impact we’re creating. Even if we raise enough to change the future for just one child, that would be enough.


What about your fitness this year? How have you coped with all these hikes and marathons?

This year was unique in terms of fitness for me. I started off the year at my fittest, running the Tokyo, London and Boston marathons.


But after I caught Covid, the second half of the year has been tough. Still, that’s the reality of health; one moment, you feel blessed to be healthy, and the next, you feel humbled because it’s all gone. It teaches us not to take things for granted and to make the most of it when you can.


Luckily, I’m heading off on Umrah for two weeks, so that should give me a chance to reset physically and spiritually in time for next year.


You’ve been actively championing Charity Right to your followers. How have you found this aspect of your role as brand ambassador?

Spreading awareness of Charity Right has been a really fulfilling part of my journey this year, and I love being able to utilise the Active Inclusion Network to champion good causes. I’ve worked with charities both professionally and as a volunteer, but I’m enjoying the chance now to rally people from different communities and inspire them to fundraise. 


There are so many incredible charities out there, which is precisely why it’s important to showcase Charity Right and encourage communities to get behind its mission.


We’ve already seen some incredible results. Just look at the recent Snowdon hike, for example. We really saw the power in unity and community as hundreds of people came together and thousands more discovered Charity Right as they donated to fundraising pages.


Finally, what goals and aspirations do you hope to achieve next year?

Next year is all about setting new benchmarks and building on what we’ve already achieved.


I’m planning to run the London Marathon like usual, but I also want to challenge myself and complete a 55k Ultra Marathon too.


Of course, Charity Right will also be a huge focus for much of the year, and we have lots of plans in store. For example, we’re planning our first hike in Scotland during the August bank holiday, as well as jetting off to Morocco to hike Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa.


There are some big events and campaigns coming up in 2024, so I hope people will stay tuned and get involved, inshaAllah.



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