Fidya & Kaffarah: What Are They and Who Needs to Give Them?

By Charity RightJan 25, 2023

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A couple of words you might hear when talking about Ramadan are Fidya and Kaffarah… 

Do you really know the meaning of Fidya? Do you know what Kaffarah means?

Although originally donations of food or money for missing fasts, they’re mainly just given as money nowadays. But if you’re at all hazy about what they are, here’s a little guide to everything you need to know about Fidya and Kaffarah.


What is Fidya?

Every Muslim is expected to fast during Ramadan… but there are some exceptions. For example, if someone is extremely weak because of old age, pregnant or they suffer from an illness that prevents them from fasting.

If you fit into one of these exemption categories, then you’re not required to fast – but you are obliged to pay Fidya instead.

Fidya is a donation, food or money enough to feed a person two meals for every day during Ramadan.

You should only pay Fidya if you’re ill and unable to make up fasts later. Temporary illnesses don’t really count since you can make these up when you’re better. Instead, you should already know if you’ll be exempt from fasting and eligible for Fidya and so it’s best to pay in advance where possible.


How Much Is Fidya?

When it comes to paying Fidya for not fasting, there’s no precise amount – just enough to feed a person two meals a day.

This roughly equates to £5 a day for two quality meals. On the whole, this adds up to £150 to pay your Fidya for the whole month of Ramadan.


What Is Kaffarah?

We all know that fasting in Ramadan isn’t optional – it’s obligatory for everyone unless you have a valid reason.

But what if you intentionally break or miss a fast without a valid reason?

There’s a serious consequence to this: you have to fast consecutively for 60 days, although this excludes days like Eid where it’s forbidden to fast.  

Of course, not everyone is going to be able to do this. If that’s the case, you’re required to feed 60 people. This costs £300.


Are Fidya and Kaffarah Obligatory?

Quite simply, paying Fidya and Kaffarah is just as obligatory as fasting in Ramadan. If you’re exempt from fasting for a valid reason, you must pay Fidya if you have the means to do so. Likewise, if you intentionally miss your fast without a valid reason, it’s obligatory to pay your Kaffarah.


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