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Food Fridays - a new, easy way to spread that Friday Feeling.

By AdminOct 13, 2021



We know food insecurity is on the rise and it’s going to take a group effort to stop it. So, at Charity Right, we are launching a new fundraising campaign: Food Fridays, our handy tool for making regular donations stress-free.  

Food Fridays encourages donors to set a weekly donation amount once and watch their donation make a difference as it goes out of their accounts every Friday and into the plates of school children across the globe.  

Little and often donations are going to have a real impact on tackling food poverty around the world. And whilst we know that large, one-off donations are absolutely vital in our efforts to free communities of food poverty, we believe that our new campaign will help to encourage long-term support and enable people to donate whatever they can.  

A new weekly direct debit scheme  

Our goal to alleviate the world of food poverty is a long one – and we know it requires continuous support from our generous donors. The new weekly direct debit scheme we have introduced will help to make this a reality. Ensuring we can create a steady flow of monetary support to provide nutritious meals across the globe.  

Direct debit not only offers flexibility and ease but also helps people budget and plan their donations. You even can change your donation amount as you please, easily through your user dashboard, or pause it if times are a bit tough.  

So, why Friday? 

At Charity Right, we welcome donations from any person who is financially able, and we appreciate each of our donors. We know that we have a high donor base within the Muslim community and so, we have chosen Friday as the core donation day due its religious significance.  

As the most blessed day of the week, we believe Friday is the perfect day to encourage donations. What better way to celebrate the most blessed day than to help others who are struggling with food poverty?  

Fridays is also everyone’s favourite day as it’s the start of a much-deserved weekend to do what you please. 

Your support can help to change the lives of so many across the blogs. Did you know that only £3 can actually provide 6 meals for people living in food poverty? 

With Food Fridays you simply set your weekly donation amount once and then sit back and watch your money make a real impact on people’s lives. 

Food Fridays launches on the 22nd October, so you can start to donate with ease very soon! 


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