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From the Paralympics to Charity Right: Meet Ayaz Bhuta, our new ambassador

By AdminOct 13, 2021



We’re thrilled to announce that Charity Right has partnered with gold medalist and Paralympian Ayaz Bhuta. 

Born with Roberts Syndrome, Bolton-boy Ayaz didn’t let his disability hold him back. He decided to embark on a sports career in 2007 to boost his confidence by playing wheelchair basketball, a non-contact sport which helped him control his craft.  

Unbeknownst to him, a rugby scout was watching him on the field and that’s where his love for wheelchair rugby started, progressing to club level in 2010 and eventually joining the GB team in 2013.  

He is now the proud owner of a gold medal from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. 

Ayaz has partnered with Charity Right as he shares our vision of hope and courage. He will be working alongside us to promote our work in communities in need. He will also be joining us on a tour across UK schools in the new year, providing inspirational and motivational talks to the youth of today on personal challenges he’s faced, whilst also touching on his journey through the world of sport. 

Our mission is to ensure all children have access to education, to a future, to hope - which can seem almost impossible in some regions of the world.’ 

‘Ayaz is a true inspiration for us all and he shares our vision of hope and courage. We truly cannot wait to begin our close partnership’, Sajad Mahmood, CEO of Charity Right. 

We’re so excited for all that Ayaz will bring to the Charity Right family and to the difference he’ll make to countless others.  



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