Gift Aid: All You Have to Do is #TicktheBox

By Charity RightOct 5, 2023

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We all want a bit more bang for our buck – and that’s precisely what you get with #GiftAid.

Gift Aid boosts your donation’s impact to benefit even more people… and it only takes a few seconds!

Learn all about it on Gift Aid Awareness Day and why hundreds of kids need you to tick that box!


What Is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a tax relief for UK charities and a way to add an extra 25% to your donation without spending a penny more. Just tick a box and fill in a few details so we can claim an extra 25%. It’s like donating free money.


Why Do We Need Gift Aid?

Charities rely entirely on donors. Although we might survive on donations alone, just think about the greater impact yours can have with the help of Gift Aid. For example, if you donate to feed a class of 20, Gift Aid can support an additional five children.


Does Everyone Qualify for Gift Aid?

No, but most do qualify. You just need to have paid tax in the UK for that year. Don’t worry if you’re not in employment – you’re still eligible if you pay tax on specific things, from pensions to stocks and dividends.


Does Gift Aid Apply to Fundraising?

Yes, Gift Aid can even take you over that last hurdle for fundraising too. All you need to do is gather your sponsors’ names, addresses and postcodes for that extra 25% boost.


How to Use Gift Aid

Good news – it’s easy to boost your impact with Gift Aid! Just tick the box and fill in a few details… and that’s it! It only takes a few seconds to elevate your donation for an impact that will last a lifetime.

Donate now. 



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