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Hope Springs Eternal for Faisal

By Charity RightNov 3, 2022

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For the poorest in the world, it can seem impossible to escape the cycle of poverty – especially when you’re just a child.

But with our school meals programme, we’re seeing sparks of hope igniting in more and more children, determined to go onto great things.

And it’s this spark of hope that we’re delighted to see in Faisal.


From Humble Beginnings…

Meet Faisal... 

He lives in a poor, run-down house in Afghanistan with his mother and father. It might not be much, but it’s home – and at least they have shelter.

Sadly, they can’t afford much more. With Afghanistan’s fragile economy, his father, Sha Kareem, struggles to find regular work as a porter, meaning his wages are meagre and unreliable. And with his wife sick, things are just going from bad to worse.

They struggle to set aside enough money for proper food and clothing, let alone medication for Faisal’s mother.

Unable to afford a uniform, books or even a schoolbag, Faisal couldn’t help but feel that he didn’t belong in school. And with his stomach constantly growling and the fog of hunger making it hard to focus, he just felt like he was fighting a losing battle.

That’s when Charity Right stepped in.


On the Up and Up!

Thanks to the school meal programme, Faisal’s life has turned around.

Now able to eat a healthy, balanced meal at school each day, his health has drastically improved. And his focus has too – both his teachers and parents are delighted with the progress he’s made in lessons recently.

But the best thing? 

He has hope. 

Health and improved academic achievement are all terrific, but his parents have noticed that each day he gets up, enthusiastic to go to school. Thanks to your help, Faisal is now hopeful and determined to turn things around for himself and his family. 


Now It’s Your Turn

Faisal and his parents are thrilled with the success of Charity Right’s school meals programme and hope it continues to inspire more children and give them the chance to rebuild their lives.

But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we need you to help ignite hope in more children just like Faisal.

And the easiest way to do that? Donate here.


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