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Our Big Wins in Yemen

By Charity RightSep 29, 2022

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Children fed, celebratory TV reports, school certificates... it’s all go in Yemen! 

Here in the UK, we’re bang in the middle of a cost of living crisis ­– you don’t even have to look far to see the news of children and adults going hungry and living on the brink of poverty.

But spare a thought for Yemen… 

It’s far worse.

Did you know that malnutrition rates in Yemen are some of the highest in the entire world? 

Up to 19 million people suffer from food insecurity – and 2.2 million of those are acutely malnourished children.

So, while we’re facing a dire situation, it’s much, much worse in Yemen.

Fortunately, we’re doing our bit to help! And... we’ve seen some huge wins recently!


School of Success

Yemen have different term dates than the UK, with their summer break running from May through to June.

The kids were excited to come back in August, all clamouring to carry on where they left off three months ago… 

To their surprise, they were welcomed by some brand-new faces! 

We ended term in April with 3,159 beneficiaries across our three schools. Now, we’re supporting a whopping 5,571 children!

That’s a huge 76% increase in registration – and it’s all down to the school feeding programme you help us deliver.

It’s such a huge success that we’ve been featured on national television in Yemen and one school even sent us a certificate of appreciation! It thanks our “tireless effort and continuous support…”

But we couldn’t do any of it without you. 


Share in Our Success

We know it’s not easy donating to something when you can’t see the results. You’re stuck hoping that the money will be put to good use.

But this is proof that all your donations do have a positive impact!

Be part of a solution that works! Share in our success by donating today.


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