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Sheeba and Deeba Reach for the Stars

By Charity RightSep 7, 2022

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It’s back to school! Every high street has ‘Back to School’ plastered on their store fronts...


Some children hate the idea of going to the same school as their siblings, especially the younger ones. Others are super excited and love to play up to the family rep. 


In Afghanistan, we have two sisters who can’t wait to get back to school!



Sisters Who Study Together... 


Sheeba and Deeba, from a family of nine, keeping everyone fed is tough – and sadly not one they always manage to accomplish.


Their father Mohammad can barely walk and he relies on his beloved wife and eldest daughter to go out to work. This meant that Sheeba and Deeba did not need to stop going to school. 


But the main problem was they went to school hungry, struggled to focus with their bellies grumbling and came home to find still nothing to eat.


As determined as Sheeba and Deeba were, they just couldn’t hit their potential.


But you folks, our donors at Charity Right changed all of that…



A Fresh Start 


‘This programme provides excellent support, particularly because it allows children who are interested in studying to go to school regularly.’ [Mohammad, Sheeba and Deeba’s father]


With the help of Charity Right, both girls receive a tasty and nutritious meal that fills them up every school day. 


Sheeba and Deeba plan to support each other and continue studying right up to graduation. 


After that? The world is their oyster! 


After all, education leads to awesome things – especially when you educate girls...


Did you know that countries without a well-educated population of girls can miss out on up to $1 billion for their economy? And there’s a whole load of other reasons why we need to focus on educating girls.


All it takes? A meal a day to keep the tears away. 


We love our sister dream-team...


But there are more children just like Sheeba and Deeba ready to change their lives – they just need that helping hand.


Help empower girls like Sheeba and Deeba and donate today.


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