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Back to School: Samad Makes His Family Proud

By Charity RightSep 22, 2022

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‘Back to School’… a phrase that can send shivers down the spine! 

But think back to your own school days: once the first-day nerves wear off, there’s a sense of excitement. Who knows what the next year could bring? After all, this could be the best school year yet!

One special boy in Afghanistan is particularly excited for the upcoming year, and we’re thrilled to give him the chance to go back to school and change his life.


Our Study Hero

Meet Samad Agha, a 13-year-old boy from Kabul, Afghanistan. As the eldest in his family, he feels like he has to lead the way and set an example for his three younger siblings… especially since the passing of their father.

Samad’s father sadly passed away a while back, leaving him and his siblings orphans. 

Fortunately, Samad was able to move in with his cousin, Modir. But with 14 people in a small and damaged mud house all depending on him, Modir struggles to feed everyone. Samad’s family had very little to eat, and what they could afford had next to no nutritional value.

With an empty stomach and his health on the decline, Samad could barely focus in school... And with his family desperate for money, it wasn’t long before he’d have to drop out to work on the streets.

But we stepped in to give Samad a new opportunity.


New Horizons

As well as Samad, all the students in the village are happier. They attend school regularly with happy faces. [Modir, Samads cousin]

With Charity Right offering a meal every school day, Samad and the other children in his village can finally rest easy. They know they can stay at school; they know they’ll get a tasty and healthy meal each day; they know they’ll get a better education than their parents; and they know their future looks bright…

Encouraged, healthy, and smiling, Samad now goes to school each day with a spring in his step! 

Each day he gets healthier, learns more and watches his future become brighter. With a solid education under his belt, opportunities open up to him; opportunities that might help the rest of his family out of poverty.

There are thousands of children just like Samad in Afghanistan – children who have had a traumatic and trying start to life. But with the opportunities school meals bring, they can turn it all around.

All it takes is a meal a day to keep the tears away. 

By joining us, you can help hundreds of children just like Samad turn their fortunes around and beam as they go back to school.

Be part of something special and donate today.


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