Take Care of Your Zakat and Sadaqah this Ramadan With 30 Nights of Giving

By Charity RightFeb 10, 2024

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“Surely the men who give Sadaqah and the women who give Sadaqah and have advanced a good loan to Allah (SWT); for them, it will be multiplied, and for them, there is a noble reward.”


Surah al-Hadid, Verse 18


With so much going on in Ramadan, you wouldn’t be the first to have your Sadaqah slip your mind a couple of times. By the time you’ve finished work, got home from the mosque, prepared iftar and spent time with your family, the only thing left on your mind is bed.


With so many blessed rewards for our taking, we need to make the most of Ramadan – so why not take care of our charitable giving in advance?


Introducing 30 Nights of Giving...


30 Nights of Giving allows you to set your daily Ramadan donations before the month even begins. That way you can focus on other worship, safe in the knowledge that your Zakat and Sadaqah is already taken care of.


30 Nights of Giving is here for just two people – you and the children we serve. 


For you, we want to offer a simple and easy way of giving to reap the most rewards this Ramadan. 


For the children, we're committed to providing regular, nutritious meals with your support.


So, why not get ahead of the game? Schedule your Ramadan giving in advance now, confident that your Zakat and Sadaqah is having a positive impact across the world.


Click here to automate your giving now. 


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