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We’re feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis

By Charity RightJun 9, 2022



With everything else going up, sadly we have to raise our donation suggestions too.

It seems like forever it’s been just £10 to feed a child for a month. But with rising costs around the world, this just isn’t possible anymore.

Because Russia and Ukraine are some of the biggest global exporters of wheat and sunflower oil, their current conflict has resulted in a higher cost of food for the rest of the world. And higher food prices mean higher wages for our cooks too. On top of this, we have to make up for a weaker GBP as well as a higher price of fuel to deliver all the food. It’s a challenging situation for everyone at the moment.

But we’re making some changes to make sure your donations still have the impact you want them to have.

From now on, we’re suggesting the following donations:

● £13 will feed a school child for a month

● £75 will feed a school child for 6 months

● £150 will feed a school child for an entire year

These costs are in effect from now, so don’t worry if you were fundraising for Ramadan. You don’t need to start frantically raising extra money now (but then again, we wouldn’t say no to a few more donations if you happen to be feeling extra generous!).

For anyone taking part in our Ditch It for Dhul Hijjah campaign, you’ll recognise the new price of £150. That’s still your target to help feed a child for a whole year.

We’ve tried to resist increasing donation suggestions, but we can’t anymore. We want to be honest with you at every step, and the fact is we can no longer say that £10 will feed a child school meals for a month.

But we’re still being clever with the money we receive.

Although the donations have gone up, the increase is still less than a cup of coffee. And let’s face it, these children are worth every penny!

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