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Safura's The Ramadan Challenge

I’ll be sprinting uphill daily, and bouldering every week - all whilst raising money for the less fortunate.

£1,648.00 raised of £700.00

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By donating to this fundraising page You will be providing meals to needy children.

  • £13

    can provide a month of regular meals for one school child

  • £75

    can provide 6 months of regular meals for one school child

  • £150

    can provide a year of regular meals for one school child

  • £600

    can provide a year of regular meals for four school children

I am participating in The Ramadan Challenge with Charity Right.  

By taking part, I'll be joining a global community taking a step to a healthier and more active Ramadan.

One of the main things I’ve always taken pride in is being active and getting involved in society - especially within the circles where there is limited/no Muslim representation. I’ve always taken part in sports and activities that are deemed ‘unconventional’ for the average Muslim woman. From playing on an all boys Ice Hockey team to doing show jumping. My aim has always been to break those barriers and show others that being a Muslim woman does not stop me from pursuing the hobbies that I love and that make me who I am. And now, as a single mother, I want to show you all that it’s STILL possible to have a good balance and be dedicated to being as active as possible.

This Ramadan, I want us all to try and get up and get moving. I’ve chosen incline sprinting and bouldering for The Ramadan Challenge because they’re new to me, they’re challenging. And I want to see if I can overcome that little voice in my head telling me to give up. 

 But it's not just about personal goals - I'm also fundraising to support a special cause that's important to me. 

The funds raised through The Ramadan Challenge will go towards providing school meals for children and young people around the world.

 This is a critical need, as it not only provides them with the sustenance they need to stay healthy, but it also incentivises parents to send their children to school, giving them a chance to escape the cycle of poverty. 

Remember, this project is Zakat eligible, and your donation can make a big impact: 

£13 = one child is fed for an entire month! 

£75 = one child is fed for 6 months! 

£150 = one child is fed for 1 whole year! 

£300 = 2 children supported with regular meals for 1 whole year! 

Thank you for your support. Let's make The Ramadan Challenge a massive success!

Latest donations

  • IN

    Imran Nawaz

    9 months ago


    MaaShaaAllah. May Allah accept it.

  • SS

    Samanthi Sooriyakumar

    11 months ago


    May Allah bless your efforts and bless these children. Please make dua that He also accepts my fasts and this donation.

  • ZS

    Zehra Sheikh

    11 months ago


  • NS

    Naveed Syed

    11 months ago


    Well done ????

  • KA

    Kadeer Ali

    11 months ago


    Keep up the great work!